Marriage Is Incredible

Marriage is an exceptionally incredible institution. When my daughter was seven years old, she could tell me about her boyfriend - Joseph - who happened to be her classmate. She believes Joseph will be her husband despite the fact that he is not clear in his mind about her seriousness of their friendship. That is how incredible marriage is. Both the under aged and the aged, the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong are all giving marriage a very serious thought. The astonishing high rate of divorce is not, will not and should not be a hindrance to any individual from considering and indeed jumping into it, of course at the appropriate time.

Marriage is such an awesome idea that not many consider the many and great responsibilities associated with it before getting into it. Many married couples can not remember when they sat down to plan on how to tackle the challenges they face in their marriages today but the amazing fact is that they are able to maneuver through them all. This means that in a marriage of serious, positive and committed couple, there exists some divine power which when activated, releases sufficient energy, grace and wisdom to face and manage any sort of a crisis or conflict arising.

This being the case, then there is no cause of fear of getting into marriage. Friends, just be sincere. Whether you are single, married, separated, divorced or even windowed, there exists a desire in every sound human being to be in a long lasting and fulfilling companionship. To some, this longing is on the surface and to others, it is hidden deep. To some, it is a top priority while to others; it is just an issue to consider. Whichever way, marriage is wonderful. Go for it, stay in it – whatever applies to you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be a Trusted Spouse

Any relationship that is not based on genuine trust can not go far. This applies in all categories of alliances and partnerships whether they are business, political, religious or social. A marriage is a very important unit of any society. Therefore, trust between husband and wife is very necessary for the well being of any particular family and the community at large.

Marriages whose spouses live in full trust with each other are like pillars. Their stability is unquestionable. Such relationships can withstand any kind of storm. No amount of trouble or challenge can break the fibers of a marriage that is based on trust between the husband and wife. Within an environment of trust, people live in freedom.

When husbands and wives live open lives before each other, then they enjoy liberty in their relationships. They do not fear each other because they have no secrets. They have nothing to hide. Even when one of the spouses does something wrong, because of the trust and the freedom they have with each other, they are able to resolve without much friction and forgive one another sincerely.

Mistrust has stalled many marriage relationships. Therefore, my advice is that all spouses should live openly and sincerely with each other. Avoid selfishness, secrets and hidden agendas in your marriage. Regardless of each other's weaknesses, learn to put up with one another. Do not intimidate or threaten your spouse. Allow love and freedom to exist in your relationship. Forgiveness is a very important ingredient in your marriage. If your spouse knows that you will sincerely forgive, then I do not expect any cover up or secrets which are the major contributors of mistrust.

Speak About Your Good Marriage

Are you experiencing joy and happiness in your marriage? Then speak about it. Several things will happen to your relationship when you share with others. One of the good things is that the goodness you experience will be multiplied. Here we are applying the principle of sowing and reaping. Whatever positive contribution you make towards other people's lives will eventually return to you in a greater measure. When your motivation is to see the success of others, I assure you today that your success will be multiplied.

Many marriages are troubled to the extent that the victims have resigned to fate, concluding that it can never work. This is why I encourage you to speak out about your successful marriage. Share your wisdom and experience with others. Propagate this truth; that marriage is one of the best things that can happen to any man or a woman in this life.

Identify marriages that are going through crisis and speak to them. I know your success in marriage is not automatic. There are couples that have contributed to your success. You have observed, admired and imitated good marriages for you to be happy. Do not take it for granted. As you have been helped, help others also.

Let me note that in the process of your well intended gestures, you will face a few situations that will suggest what you are doing does not make sense or a difference. Kindly ignore such opinions and continue with the good work. Do not succumb to discouragement. Be committed to the welfare of others. Freely you have received, therefore, give freely.

God's Plan For Your Family

God has a plan for every family including yours. His plans for your family are good and intended to bring happiness, joy and fulfillment to your life. Peace is part of God's good plan for your family. Few families enjoy harmony because of the many troubles of this life. God's desire for your family is that you may serve Him faithfully. The bible records Joshua's very prominent declaration in chapter 24, that as for him and his house, they resolved to serve the Lord.

It is your responsibility to accept and implement God's plan on behalf of your family. Seek God's wisdom daily on how to conduct the affairs of your family. This will always ensure understanding and respect among the family members. When you move according to God's plan, there will be peace and love.

Good health is part of the good plan God has for your family. Sicknesses and diseases are supposed to stay far from your household. Poverty should never be associated with your family because God has intended that you live in wealth and prosperity for His glory. God told Abraham that through him, all the families of the earth would be blessed. This includes your family if you dare believe in the God of Abraham.

Your family should dwell in safety because it is God's will. Fear, sicknesses, lack, robbers, murderers, witches and even the devil should never threaten your family whatsoever. You and your family are secure if you can only trust the all powerful God. His plan is perfect and sure. With Him you should never be scared of anything or anyone.

God's Plan For Your Health

When God created man, He was happy with the work and even said it was good. The bible also says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. This is because you were created in the image and likeness of God. God is not a sickly, oppressed and confused being. No. He is perfect in health - His state is not even about health but life and divine life for that matter.

God's will is that you may enjoy good health through out your life. This is His perfect plan for you. He says "I am the Lord that heals you". This is a sure commitment from your God and Creator that any time you fall sick, He is willing to heal you. You get healed by receiving His word as the bible says how He sends His word and that word heals all your diseases.

God is not just excited about you getting sick then healing you, but has a good plan to preserve you in good health. He can protect you against all manner of sicknesses and diseases that seem to be afflicting every one around you.

In the third letter of John and verse 2, the bible says "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers". God's will for your health is not just limited to your physical body, but he wants you to experience emotional and spiritual healing also. Your mind needs to experience divine healing for you to make accurate and rational decisions.

As you pray, ask God for healing in all aspects of your life because it is His will to do so and it is also your right as His child. Do not stay oppressed by sicknesses, diseases, confusion and heartaches. You can pray like this "heal me oh Lord, and I will be healed".

Sunday, February 14, 2010

God's Plan For Your Husband

God's plan for your husband is first to love you. He has a very express instruction from God in the book of Ephesians chapter 5 and verse 25 to love you. Therefore, one of your daily prayers for your husband is to obey this command. For the virtuous wife, Proverbs 31 and verse 11 tells you that the heart of your husband safely trusts you. God desires that your husband loves and trusts you continually.

Your husband should be a strong and courageous man so as to lead, provide and protect both you and your children. To take care of a family in our time is one of the most challenging tasks. No wonder many men have feared to commit themselves to their families. This is not the plan of God. You need to believe God that your husband will stay strong and focused to undertake all his god-given responsibilities.

God's will for your husband is that he lives committed to you as his only wife. Your husband should not be caught in shameful affairs. God wants him to be faithful to you all his life without sharing his affection with other women - or even men. Please bear in mind that you deserve such a husband if you are living according to the word of God.

For the faithful and godly wives, the bible encourages you that by your lifestyle, you will win your unbelieving husbands to the Lord. If your husband is not a believer, then know God plans that you join Him in His good agenda - to have your husband born again. Besides the issue of eternal life, God wants your husband to live a respectable, decent and long life.

God's Plan For Your Job

Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 10 and verse 10 that a worker is worthy his dues. Your labor should never be for nothing. God wants you to enjoy the fruit of your labor. When He blesses you with a job, he expects you to enjoy maximum benefits from it. It should be a source of livelihood and fulfillment and never a burden and frustrations.

The story of Jacob and his uncle Laban in Genesis chapters 29 to 31 should inspire you to pursue the fulfillment of God's plan in your job. You should always get a salary commensurate with your work. Never allow oppression because it is not the will of God for you. When you negotiate with your employer, it should always be clear what your responsibilities are and the amount of pay.

While at your job, God expects you to perform excellently, keeping time and set deadlines. You should be reliable and predictable. This is one of the ways to accumulate confidence to demand what is rightfully yours. God desires that you be counted as one of the faithful employees at your place of work. Both your employer and colleagues should testify of your honesty and diligence at work.

Your employer and colleagues on the other hand should accord you sufficient respect and support so as to perform well. God's will is that you get paid your salary and other benefits in full and on time. His plan is that you progress in your job to get promotions and salary increment accordingly. Your working environment should be friendly, peaceful and ideal for the nature for your duties and responsibilities.

God's Plan For Your Marriage

Your marriage should be like a garden that is well watered and ever productive. It should provide a cool atmosphere for you and your children. God expects your marriage to be a place of healing, comfort and restoration. Peace, joy and safety should be the hallmarks of your household. It should be a source of hope and inspiration even to the strangers.

God's desire is that your marriage should last for a life time. Separation and divorce is not in God's agenda for your marriage relationship. He plans that your home becomes a fountain of life and love that overflows even to the destitute, homeless and the needy. It is supposed to be a classic example for the single and other struggling marriages. They should come to you for wisdom and counsel.

God wants you to be strong as a couple so as to withstand all the pressures and waves that are always contrary to marriages. He expects your commitment to the preservation and prosperity of your relationship. God also desires that you allow Him to be a partner in your marriage. This is because He wants to be always with you whether in good times or bad times.

It is in the plan of God that your marriage relationship be free from all struggles and contentions. He is committed to provide everything that is necessary to give your marriage the greatest happiness that can ever be. God intends to bless your marriage with abundance of wealth and health. His plan is to protect your relationship from all troubles, calamities and misfortunes. No amount of evil shall prevail against your marriage because you trust in the Lord.